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I Grew up in the Church and Then I Grew out of It

Imagine this: a room full of people chanting the same prayer that has been chanted for decades in hundreds of other rooms just like this one. There’s a girl sitting in the back. She’s about 14. She’s wearing a dress from Jay Jays and she has straightened hair. The year is 2011. The sound of these voices are alien to her; they sound like possessed zombies or something. She doesn’t…

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Dear Parents, Here’s What Not To Do When Your Kids Leave The Church

She uses the voice that mothers use when they realise their child’s perspective about the world is conflicting, when their lifestyle is no longer aligned to the vision they had for them when they were growing in their swelling bellies. It’s a deep-seeded longing married with a sense of mourning. “What did I do wrong? What is God trying to teach me?” In her loving pressure on Sunday mornings I…

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