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How I Experience Church Now That I No Longer Believe in God

If the church you attend/attended is/was anything like mine, the mantra “Bring your bible, notepad, pen and a friend” would have been repeated to you so many times that it’s going to stay with you until your dying day. Those who managed to fulfil this edict were celebrated by the leadership team each week as though they were the best performing salesman at an internet security company. Walking said friend…

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What I Miss About God’s Judgement

For nearly twenty years I preached, taught, lectured and judged my way through a career in religion. In the end, I couldn’t do it anymore and I needed to say sorry. Sorry for the bigotry. Sorry for the hypocrisy. Sorry for the judgement. Yes, as an effective evangelist I judged a lot of people. But an effective evangelist is somewhat of a godlike figure in the church, heralded and celebrated…

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I Tried To Read A Book By An Atheist But Couldn’t

I sat down to read a book by an atheist the other day. What better way to validate my religious hesitations than by reading someone who vehemently opposes the core of Christian teaching? I briefly mentioned my desire to expand my reading in a post recently, and a religiously affiliated person commented that while external reading, or more specifically, diverse forums of discussion might be what I think might be…

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Trauma As The Catalyst For Loving Or Losing Religion

In the many conversations I’ve had about religion in the last two months, trauma seems to be a reoccurring catalyst for spiritual change. Many who were once active participants in the church left, and many who hadn’t been religiously affiliated started filling the pews on a Sunday morning. For both of these groups, God played a role. I think trauma has a way of making us feel more human. All…

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