The Gravity of Guilt is a digital platform for individuals struggling with the structure of religion.

As a former Sydney Anglican, Ruby struggled with rebuilding an identity without theology after 22 years in the church. She saw psychologists, read books and learnt about Religious Trauma Syndrome, a form of PTSD. She started writing about her difficulties navigating the world without religion and this website is the result of these writings.

The Gravity of Guilt aims to share the voices of those who are no longer associated with religion and those who are still embedded in religious culture. It is designed to critique, reassess and better understand how the messages and culture of religious institutions can negatively effect the people inside, regardless of whether they choose to leave or stay.

The Gravity of Guilt has no religious affiliation and does not exist to bring people towards God or tear people from God. Rather, it exists to invite peaceful and honest dialogue with respect to every individual’s journey.

We welcome comments, thoughts and article submissions (email hello@rubyclaire.com.au) and are currently in the process of building a strong digital community on the Sydney Exvangelicals Facebook group (come join!).